Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Either I’ve intrigued you with my posts or caused you more than mere annoyance to visit a page about me.

I was named Ramakanth Swamy Kanumuri by my parents. I’ve realized it’s quite a mouthful since no one ever calls me by my full name. It has always been different permutations of the same by different people at different points of my life. You can call me whatever you wish, provided it doesn’t offend either of our sensibilities.

I started this blog at a time when I was losing track of myself. Thoughts, ideas, dreams, ambitions and everything else started meshing into one big mess and I needed a way out. My age old fall back of writing a diary had become too limited and I needed a canvas that could expand as wide as I wanted and shrink as small as I needed. There’s one thing I need to say: I’m no expert in the things I write about, I am just penning my opinions and how I look at things. Please feel free to challenge it – I want to learn!

So that’s what this site is all about! A way to ramble on different thoughts that have different threads how they play out in my mind and beyond. If I haven’t bored you till this point – I thank your patience! For those who are still intrigued, I hope you keep following my ramblings. And finally those who have decided never to return (and those who feel things can be improved). Please leave a comment or suggestion on how I can make it better!!

¡Hasta la vista!

P.S: The blog still doesn’t have any content as I didn’t get enough time to unravel my thoughts. Keep watching this space.

June 3rd 2020
Update: I realized I was struggling with things not limited to lack of time to start writing. Hopefully today will be a new start.

Your thoughts are just as precious!

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