It’s true! COVID made me do it. It made me do things that I haven’t thought about at the start of the year. Six months after 03/16/20, the day lockdown was announced in Bay Area, I sat down to reflect on the journey since then. I started jotting down the differences between RsK V200916 with V200316. And I found that there are quite a few changes. I realized the impact of reading two books at the right time, combined with the Pandemic of the Century, has left an indelible impact on me.

While there are a lot of of unintended changes ( I watch TV a lot lesser), there are a lot of habits I have instituted in the this timeframe (Thank You Atomic Habits and Measure what Matters) and succeeded in implementing them. As I wait around for inspiration to strike me and write things, I felt that documenting these experiences would be a good way to review them at this time.

And that’s how “COVID made me do it” Series was born, where I write about all the habits I have initiated during this pandemic. I will write about them in as much detail as possible and how they will turned out to be.


  1. 100 Push ups a Day

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